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Why Us

With many years of sales experience in IT and Consumer Electronics, we can effectively support our partners entering the Bulgarian market and boost the results of those already operating in the country with optimized costs and low risk. We know WHAT, with WHOM and HOW, for а reasonable price

We know WHAT!

We have a years of experience in IT & Consumer electronics business and we know what to do in each step of developing of your business on the Bulgarian market. Choosing us you will get high quality expertise, market knowledge and wide range of connections. For us "impossible" is a forbidden word. 


We know with WHOM!

BD Consulting working with best distributor companies, channel partners, retailers, system integrators, telecoms, online stores, repair centers. We shall save you several months’ time you would need to spend analysing the Bulgarian market before entering, providing you all the expertise, knowledge and connections we have for developing of your partners network. You will entering on the Bulgarian market faster and with high speed. Also, we are working with high professional experts (IT&CE) in the SEE region (Croatia, Greece, Romania and Serbia). We may help you to research the market in the region and to develop your business there.


We know HOW!

Based on our long experience, professional expertise and deep market knowledge we shall give you the best strategy in every moment of developing of your business in Bulgaria. We know how to solve the issues and to overcome difficult situations. We shall provide steady grow and sustainable business.


Low Cost, Low Risk

We can save you the cost of opening local offices, contracting legal expert, accounting agency, hiring staff, car and facilities fees. Based on our long experience and wide range of contacts, we shall reduce significantly your expenses for marketing, PR and advertising needed for entering the market or improving your results. Choosing BD Consulting, you will get the right and faster access to the market, right business strategy and proper partners, steady grow and sustainable business results, all this on a reasonable price. 


We Are New With Years Of Experience

Our team consists of enthusiastic, results-oriented professionals with vast networks of connections and years of experience in sales.