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Outsource your brand representation, we can take care!

Brand representation provided by us is full range, without you needing to rent an office or showroom and without maintaining a sales department. Our primary goal is to offer best in class service, to enable you to achieve brand positioning, sustainable results and steady growth in line with your company ambition.
If you are new to the Bulgarian market or have been operating here but not successful as you would like, contact us! From developing new market strategies to supporting sales activities on a daily basis, we provide overall brand representation of IT & Consumer Electronics brands on both B2B and B2C markets.
Every strategy is unique and is tailor made for you and your goals!

  •   - Dedicated contact - 24/7;
  •   - Planning and forecasting together with distributors, channel partners and retailers;
  •   - Marketing budget planning, monitoring costs, administration, budget management;
  •   - Monitoring stock, managing subsidies and cash flow
  •   - Launching & Maintaining Partner programs;
  •   - Creating and maintaining price lists;
  •   - Visiting retail stores, offices of channel partners and distributors, doing sales activities;
  •   - Organizing PR and Marketing events, product and sales trainings and presentations;
  •   - Placing promoters to points of sale;
  •   - Merchandising;
  •   - Providing reports from specified partners;
  •   - Delivering product-related materials and information to your partners.